maandag 13 juni 2011

No Time to Fear (2009)

I had never heard of this film untill very recently. It's not well-known at all (like they ever are around here...) and it wasn't easy to find any reviews or actual articles about it. So there I went, yet again a complete no-brainer. I'm just hoping for the best.. which could possibly mean that it's a real suprising treat. it?

Yes and no. The story has plenty of interesting ideas in store to make it stand out as an indie-film. It's about some friends camping in the woods. Amongst them is 'Nate', he's on medication and is supposed to be the 'lunatic' brother that had to come with them on this trip. They stumble upon a weird statue which seemed to confuse Nate, who's acting more and more strange as the night progresses. They decide to go home and that's where the shit hits the ceilling and then slowly begins to drip down on the brand new carpet.
It seriously goes to shit. Nate commits suicide and shortly after they all find themselves tormented by the same evil spirit who they believe followed them home from the woods. It sounds pretty strange forward, but 'No Time to Fear' offers an interesting narrative and focusses on the psychological aspect while leaving the untimely deaths a mere happening and not an attraction. It's not aiming for something big, but rather something sofisticated.

I can imagine that turning out to be a major bummer since it could quite possibly lead to slow and relentless arguing. Yet, I believe the outer body experiences and other visions work well pretty often, it's fun to see a person's double go at it. They keep you on the edge, but not at the best of its abbilities. The film lacks any kind of vibe, it's always very pale and in contrast with the passionate play of the actors. Because they saved the movie.
I, personally, didn't see to many familair faces except for James DeBello who stars in one of my all-time favorites: Cabin Fever. Also, I'm a sucker for eyecandy so I must speak my mind on that part as well: Alana Curry is HOT. curry, don't get me started. There's almost no special effects to glorify the killing and no impressive audiovisual stuff to be found, it's even rather cheapish in the end. So there's probably not much I'm leaving behind right now.

I'm done talking about this one pretty quick, not because it's just wasn't the suprise it could've been. A nice suprising plot but without a flawless execution. And that's a shame. I can imagine this being worth your while if you're a big indie-filmfan (like myself, kinda) so don't cross it off immediatly.

Score: 61/100


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